About Me

I live in New Zealand; it’s called the land of the long white cloud – Aotearoa. New Zealand is the home of the Kiwi, jandals and NZ’s national rugby team – the All Blacks. Photography is not my 9-5 job; I do it for mostly for love. The love of the moment captured, the love of the craft of creation. I’m drawn into nature, the beauty of living things and the unexpected. Nature is a place where the photographer comes and hopes for the scene to appear. There is no controlling of the weather, no stopping of time. It humbles and exhilarates.

Weddings are just so much fun to be part of – the challenge of getting it right, with no chance of a repeat! The sheer joy of being part of the couple’s day. And then to create an heirloom with them that will last, long after the flowers have faded and the day has drifted into the past.

Finally, sports for me is largely about rugby (I like other sports but like to specialise). Getting low to the ground, close to the action, enduring winter’s weather; these are all part of the enjoyment of "freezing time". Many players never get to see themselves in action, relying on basic phone photos or the like. I get to put a smile on their face after the action is over.

Nature, family, weddings and sports – that’s my photography in a nutshell. I don’t do events…


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